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You may be wondering why we have dedicated an entire section of our website to celebrity wigs, but the reason is due to the fact that so many people are searching for just that. What do we mean by that? In years past it was not often that we saw a superstar wearing a wig to drastically change their look, but with time being much more valuable as the years go buy we are seeing an increase of celebrities actually wearing human hair lace wigs. Some of the stars suspected of wearing them is Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Lady Gaga, and more. Whether or not this is true, people are looking for wigs that will give them a similar look to their favorite celebrity.

One wig that has become increasingly popular among the ranks of celebs is the front invisible lace wig. While these at times can cost thousands of dollars, you can try to search online for an affordable celebrity front lace wig on some of the websites that advertise selling their products. We will do our best to show you as many pictures of celebrities wearing wigs here on our website so you can get an idea of the look that you can attain for yourself here at

Below you will find a list of categories that feature and focus on signature wig lines that some celebrities put on the market so their fans can have and support the same look that they are trying to attain. There are others who are known to wear wigs, and openly admit to doing so; in these categories you will find pictures, prices, deals, and more of how and where you can get your hands on the celeb wig you are looking for. If there is a certain celebrity styled or replica wig you are looking for but you do not see it here on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us and request that particular wig.

Beverly Johnson Wigs – The Beverly Johnson Wigs are known to be one of the highest quality of wig brands when it comes to ethnic wigs along with the African-American hair extensions. Beverly Johnson has first became popular in the 70s for being very first African American woman who has graced the cover of Vogue. Her line of wigs is a good combination of practical and contemporary wig items.

Bobbi Boss Wigs – Bobbi Boss Wigs are the hair pieces that can help any African American woman take pride in their race by wearing elegant wigs without putting their tight budgets into compromise. They are known for providing utmost comfort for its wearer along with its refined and smooth texture. This the wig brand you should go for if you are running on a tight budget.

Eva Gabor Wigs – Eva Gabor Wigs are for women who are in search of wigs that are full of volume yet very light to wear. They offer short wigs that come in a wide range of styles and all are made from synthetic materials. They also have wigs that are set in high and low lights and can only bring utmost comfort to the wearer.

Hannah Montana Wig – The Hannah Montana Wig is perfect for the teeny boppers out there who most especially idolize Miley Cyrus and her teenage years during the Hannah Montana days. This would make even the littlest of girls to have that Hannah Montana feel as they attend costume parties and similar events that would require unique attire.

Jon Renau Wigs – The Jon Renau Wigs have been actively offered in the market since 1969. They feature a wide range of timeless looking wigs that are set in cutting edge styles in amazing colors. Their collection is made out of 125 styles and in colors that reach about 100 inspired from the most popular salons.

Justin Bieber Wig – The Justin Bieber Wig is the right choice if you want to be trendy and up to date. This is also an amazing choice of wig to sport if you want to grab the best costume prize in any party. You can surely get it in various shades of blonde.

Kat Von D Wig – If you want to have that sizzling, sexy look of a celebrity set in long, blonde hair, then you must sport the Kat Von D Wig. You can also get to see these wigs that imitate the celebrity’s hair in various dyes that she has decided to color her real hair with.

Kate Gosselin Wig – The Kate Gosselin Wig is somehow ideal for those who want to carry that punk adult look. This is also perfect to be worn even when you want to put some twist in your ordinary corporate days in the office. This is one good chance to see your hair short without having to cut your long hair.

Katy Perry Wig – If you are just so dying to look like your idol, Katy Perry, then you can start off by getting the Katy Perry Wig. You may commonly find her lavender colored hair that she was seen with in her music video of the California Gurls song. You can be sure to also find it in colors of electric blue and hot black.

Lady Gaga Wig – The Lady Gaga Wig can be considered to be the latest available wigs of today that are perfect for the odd or eccentric personality in you. This comes in a very wide range of colors, style and designs just so you can have a chance to have that true blue Gaga look.

Marie Antoinette Wig – The Marie Antoinette Wig is commonly worn during costume parties that are held during celebrated seasons of Halloween and even in theatrical plays whose settings are in the 16th to 19th century era. When you sport this wig, you must also find an elegant dress that matches that time period.

Motown Tress Wigs – Motown Tress Wigs is on the lead when it comes to providers of African American wigs. Their products are capable of enhancing that natural beauty in every woman and they have been doing good business for more than 34 years now. They offer their wigs in a wide variety of contemporary styles.

Paula Young Wigs – The Paula Young Wigs is the choice you should make when you are in search for hairpieces that are very natural looking. They offer a wide range of wigs that you can choose from according to style, color, length, fiber, brand, size and construction. The colors you can choose from are also limitless.

Raquel Welch Wigs – The Raquel Welch Wigs are the kind of hairpieces that would surely boost your self-esteem and confidence. They offer not just wigs but also hair extensions for this beauty icon truly understands how you desire to look extremely beautiful. They offer only realistic looking styles one can witness in today’s fashion scene.

Tina Turner Wig – If you are having plans of reliving the 80s era with a punk rock look, then there is no better hairpiece to wear but the Tina Turner Wig. This can work better if you would wear the same flashy short dresses that the classic singer wears during the peak of her career.

Toni Brattin Wigs – The Toni Brattin Wigs serve as effective beauty secrets to a lot of women who are in search of having some hair piece that can give them a brand new look. From ponytails, falls, comb and clip items, fillers and extensions, you can be sure to find lots of amazing varieties when it comes to this wig brand.

Bret Michaels Wig

bret michaels1

    I’m of two different mind when it comes to this topic.  On one hand, there have been rumors going around for a while that Bret Michaels is wearing a wig.  After all whenever we see him in public he’s wearing hats and bandanas that cover the majority of his hair.  All we see is the ...

Snooki Wig

snooki wig2

      As we countdown Snooki’s last 15 minutes of fame, I think that you can stretch out the Snooki wig for at least another year.  Though she goes by Nicole now, in her attempts to establish herself beyond the Jersey Shore (which did terrible in the ratings as did her original reality show), she’ll always be ...

Kim Zolciak Wig Line

kim zolciak

If it wasn't for YouTube or our gossip obsessed culture here in North America then I wouldn't even know who Kim Zolciak was.  But for those of you that have lived in blissful unawareness, Kim Zolciak is a former reality TV star who was featured in the Bravo Channel’s Real Housewives series. Specifically she was on ...

Joe Dirt Wig

joe dirt wig2

  Let me start off by saying that I have never in my life watched the Joe Dirt movie.  Oh, I know what it is. The David Spade vehicle (before we realized that he was better off doing sitcoms and starring in Adam Sandler movies) about a “redneck” who didn't realize that there is a reason ...

Eva Gabor Wigs

eva gabor

  If I say Paula Young and you know what that is then it shouldn't be that difficult for you to understand Eva Gabor wigs.  The line is very similar to what Paula Young offers.  Short-styled wigs for the older woman. Well again 35 and older women really, though I have found wigs that I liked among ...

Nicki Minaj Without Wig

nicki minaj2

  I don’t recall ever seeing Nicki Minaj without a wig on her head.  As far as I can remember, or at least when I first heard of Ms. Minaj, she’s always worn a wig on her head.  It’s just the way of things.  And I’m talking about before she signed with her current label Young ...

Paula Young Wigs


Paula Young is a big name in wig making and it’s pretty easy to see why.  With a wide range of natural looking, realistic, and carefully colored wigs the lines popularity has been set for a while. The best thing about Paula Young wigs is that their lightweight. If you've never worn a wig before, an ...

Ken Paves Wigs

ken paves wigs

  Ken Paves is huge in the world of hair.  I don’t mean wigs, I mean hair.  He’s a massive celebrity stylist and has been around the Hollywood scene for years.  The man is practically a legend in the hair business.  He’s worked with a lot of famous women over the years and owns numerous businesses. He ...

Dolly Parton Wigs

dolly parton wigs

  I am not a fan of Dolly Parton mostly because again she was before my time and I don’t listen to country music. Not that I don’t like it more that I don’t listen to it. It’s just not my style but I know who she is and what she looks like. If you asked ...

Slash Wig

slash wig1

  I was too young for Guns & Roses, my mother would never ever let me watch or listen to their music. I was a boy band girl all the way. But that doesn't mean that today I am unaware of who they are and especially who Slash is. The guitarist is still admired by music ...