Beyonce Synthetic Wig by Beverly Johnson

Beyonce Knowles-Carter is a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. If you were around in the 90’s/early 2000’s then you know exactly who she is. I’ve been a fan of Beyonce since I was in middle school and have loved her in Destiny’s Child (both incarnations) and her solo career. As a result I’ve seen the many different hair and style choices of Beyonce and how eager people are to try to achieve that look.

And clothing wise it’s easy. Finding clothes that look like her’s that are within your price range is easy. But Beyonce’s hair color isn’t something that many women can pull off. But never fear famed fashion model Beverly Johnson is here. The Beyonce Synthetic Wig by Beverly Johnson mimics Mrs. Knowles-Carter’s look but gives you options that allow you to find what looks right on you. As always let’s talk a closer look at what a name like Beverly Johnson brings to the table.

Before I even go into my feelings about this piece let’s talk about it objectively. It’s long and has loose curls giving it a lot of body. With the side skin bangs and dark color the Beyonce Synthetic Wig by Beverly Johnson is considered to be one of the bestsellers from this manufacturer. While it’s made of synthetic hair it does look incredibly real and fits a lot of different skin tone.

Now let me throw in my two cents. I like it but honestly this is more Vivica Fox then Beyonce. In fact I’ve never seen Beyonce rock something like this and I’ve found this same piece listed under the actress so for me if you’re trying to look like Beyonce, then pass because no one is going to be able to tell. But if you want to try Vivica’s look then it’s perfect. But again never take my word 100% for these things check it out yourself.