Escara by Bobbi Boss

African American wig makes are many, but it’s hard to find quality pieces that look good on a black woman.  Bobbi Boss is a name that I’ve heard a lot in wig shops because of how amazing their stuff really is.

Whether it’s one of their natural hair lines or it’s synthetic there is no doubt that you could find something that you like here.  Escara by Bobbi Boss is a very different wig line from other that we’ve seen from Bobbi Boss in the past and for very good reason.  It’s called CoolMax fabric and is made of moisture managing technology that can be found in the cap.  It’s made of synthetic hair blended together for a salon quality cut and shading.  It’s very lightweight giving you the illusion of no hair other than your own being on your head.

I really like this look. It’s a clean cut and a little sassy but that could be because of the model.  Regardless I love the side part and the fullness of the piece.  It’s made of synthetic fibers like all of the wigs in the Escara by Bobbi Boss and is designed with the natural look in mind.  And with the CoolMax it prevents the sweating that you get with cheaper wigs.  It comes in different colors so keep your skintone in mind if you want to buy it but still it’s really lovely.

Almost every other look in the Escara by Bobbi Boss is short except for one other then the Jenika and I couldn’t stand it so let’s talk about the Adora Escara by Bobbi Boss.  I must say again, that I’m not a fan of short wigs.  I just don’t like them, and the Adora is a short wig.  I don’t mind the cut of it, and really other than the length it is an attractive piece but it’s not for me due to my own bias.  That doesn’t mean that objectively I can’t say that it does look good.  The Adora Escara by Bobbi Boss  looks natural, is cool on the head because of the CoolMax cap, lightweight, and is customizable because of the color options.  For me it’s a pass simply because of my taste, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take a look.