Indiremi by Bobbi Boss Wigs

Bobbi Boss is a big name in wigs made for the African American woman. They have a reputation for creating amazing pieces out of not only synthetic fibers but natural hair.

They have a long history dealing with African American women and have developed several different lines that address not only the different styles that women love but different methods in wigs making that we see. When it comes to African American hair they are known for their work in natural hair wigs and that is where the Indiremi by Bobbi Boss Wigs line comes in.

First a bit of background on the Indiremi by Bobbi Boss Wigs line. Every wig in the line is made up of 100% human hair that is hand sewn with minimal chemical interference. It’s long lasting weaves that remain incredibly natural and uses lace to create a natural hairline. So let’s look at some of my favorite pieces.

I love this look, it’s one of the Indiremi by Bobbi Boss Wigs and is everything I love in a piece. Long and wavy, flowing down the back it’s simply gorgeous. It comes in many different colors all with salon level highlights and shading making it not only natural looking but with the appearance that you’ve gotten it professionally done. What’s interesting is that you can get it at two different lengths 16” or 18” depending on your preference. It lovely and I want it like burning. Definitely on my wishlist.

So this time I went a little more sleek and super long with this choice. Again I love this look and how beautiful it is. As with all Indiremi by Bobbi Boss Wigs this one is made of human hair and has a lace front. I love this look and highly recommend it. It comes in different colors with different highlight options giving it a very dynamic look. It’s a very popular look for a great reason, I can’t stress enough how stunning it is.