Bret Michaels Wig

I’m of two different mind when it comes to this topic.  On one hand, there have been rumors going around for a while that Bret Michaels is wearing a wig.  After all whenever we see him in public he’s wearing hats and bandanas that cover the majority of his hair.  All we see is the tumbling locks on the bottom.

So of course rumors run rampant when things like that happen.  You can’t help but wonder what’s going on under there that he doesn’t want us to see  Then there’s the guys who want to dress like him and are looking for Bret Michaels wigs.  After debating this for a bit, I’ve decided to just write from the heart.  So here goes nothing.

bret michaels

One, I can’t say for sure whether or not Bret Michaels wears wig because there’s no proof one way or the other.  The closest thing that he’s ever admitted to was in an interview that he did in 2008 where he stated that his hair was a combination of his natural locks and extensions.  So there’s that.  And the hair that he’s been rocking in recent years is very suspect but stating that it’s a wig is slander so I won’t go there.  All I can say is that at the very least the man wears extensions and that’s it.

bret michaels3

But if you’re looking to rock a Bret Michaels wig then that isn’t that hard.  You can buy any long blond wig ( I’d go with a darker blonde) and wear a bandana and call it a day.  Or you can get them online which I do recommend.  With celebrities like Bret Michaels, it’s much easier to find wigs that are specific to his look online then it would be to go to a store and find it.  As always check pictures of Bret online before you buy to make sure that you’re getting the look that you want.

bret michaels2