Bruce Willis in a Grass Wig

As long as I can remember Bruce Willis has been a huge action star. In fact I don’t remember a time when he wasn’t. And to my recollection he has always been bald. So imagine my surprise when I found out that there was a period of time when Bruce Willis, the proudest bald man in Hollywood, actually walked around his daily life wearing wigs.

During the 80s when he was playing the role David Addison on the show Moonlighting, he had started losing his hair. Of course for an up and comer this could have ruined his budding career but Willis forged through. But people still noticed that every year there was a little more thinning up top going on. And suddenly that all changed. In the 90s he started showing up with very strange and odd looking hairdos and his movies are a perfect way to observe the phenomenon. If you look at his past films like the Sixth Sense, The Bandits and the The Jackal then you can clearly see that he has hair in places that he didn’t just a few years ago. So it’s either a wig or a bad plugging job.

But the best thing that happened was when he finally just accepted his baldness and the fact that he had been covering it up. Bruce Willis went on the Late Show wearing a grass wig. Obviously the sight of Bruce Willis in a Grass Wig was enough to help people realize that he wasn’t a laughingstock if he’s in on the joke.