Did Michael Jackson Wear a Wig?

Michael Jackson


It’s always uncomfortable writing about a dead man but here goes nothing. It’s long been suggested that Michael Jackson wore a wig. And honestly seeing his hair over the years it makes sense to speculate.

And honestly the rumors were true. Michael Jackson did wear a wig according to his autopsy report. Now I’m not sure why he wore a wig. There could be a multitude of reasons for his decision to wear a hair piece. It could have been due to lupus, all we know is that officially he did wear one on his head. Though I must admit that the longer wigs that he favored didn’t look particularly great on him. I would have personally chosen shorter pieces.


did michael jackson wear a wig2

The medical report did say that he had lost a lot of hair and that he did wear a wig. And someone as famous as Michael Jackson would probably need a wig to wade away the paparazzi. He’s worn different wigs over the years, and it’s really only the shorter looks that I felt suited his face, but now that it’s a real thing that he really did wear a wig there’s nothing more to be said about the topic I guess.


did michael jackson wear a wig3