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If I say Paula Young and you know what that is then it shouldn’t be that difficult for you to understand Eva Gabor wigs.  The line is very similar to what Paula Young offers.  Short-styled wigs for the older woman.

Well again 35 and older women really, though I have found wigs that I liked among the line there is no getting past who the primary audience for Eva Gabor really is.

Also and this is an aside, did you know that Eva Gabor is the sister of Zsa Zsa?  I learned that on an I love the 70’s marathon.  Anyway like many older and surprisingly some younger, female celebrities her name is being used as a way to get the discerning wig enthusists attention.  Remember that branding is everything, and I’m sure that whoever partnered up with Ms. Gabor wanted to use a glamorous name to catch our attention.

One thing that you can be sure about with celebrity wig lines is that for the most part there is a lot of quality in the work.  Another thing that you can be sure about is that they tend to run a little high when it comes to pricing.  That’s just the way it is.  Hey we live in a world where Kayne West charges almost $200 for a plain white tee.

Anyway, Eva Gabor wigs are a high class product but even the description of the line states that they specialize in shorter wigs.  And I am a long wig fan so the wigs aren’t really for me.  But the work is top notch and they all look really good just not up to my personal style.

If you’re wondering where you can find Eva Gabor wigs, let me advise you that you probably won’t find them in your local wig shop.  Nope you’re going to have to go online for those but the higher named online wig shops should have them.


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