Invitation Wig by Eva Gabor

Eva Gabor isn’t a manufacturer that was on my mind or one that was even familiar with.  If it wasn’t for research’s sake then the likelihood of me stumbling upon this piece would have been slim.  You know how it is, once you find something you like then you usually stick with them.  And as always I do have an opinion about the Invitation Wig by Eva Gabor.

Okay so the Invitation Wig by Eva Gabor is a layered piece that comes up to the nape of the neck.  According to the manufacturer this piece mixes old school elegance and modern style.  Again it does come in multiple colors all which are meant to mimic real hair shades.  And in that case it does succeed but for me ….

Full disclosure, I don’t the Invitation Wig by Eva Gabor.  I just don’t like the style, I don’t like the cut, I don’t like the layers.  There is nothing here for me.  Looking at it’s probably the fact that it’s meant for someone older than me.  I’m in my twenties and I couldn’t see myself wearing this out of the house. But my mother?  Sure, in fact after asking her she said that she really liked it and would wear it.  Remember just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean that it’s not good. Like I said for me I find it a little too mature for my age.

I mean it looks real, which is my number one criteria for wigs, it’s shading fits the natural color hair spectrum. But the cut isn’t too my liking. That however doesn’t change the fact that the Invitation Wig by Eva Gabor is a high quality piece made with a the Personal Fit cap that is stretchable and comfortable.  And even though the trend is going towards monofilament and lace fronts, the Personal Fit cap is still very reliable and comfortable way to put on a wig.