Turning Point Wig By Eva Gabor

I understand at this point that Eva Gabor is a big name in the manufacturer world.  I understand that the name commands respect and that among wig wearers this manufacturer is among the top.  However, I’m not a huge fan of this creator.  I find for myself personally that all of the wigs, and hairpieces that Eva Gabor brings out is just too old for me.  That at my age, all of the wigs would make me look older than I am case in point the Turning Point Wig by Eva Gabor.

Now I get what they were going for with this piece.  It’s a sleek boy cut that is tapered on the throughout the entire the piece.  The front really frames the face highlighting the planes and angles and the choppiness in the front really looks good.

The Turning Point Wig by Eva Gabor is a designer piece that comes in a bunch of colors that all mimic the shades and highlights that are created in the salon on natural hair.  And I’ve stated that I love natural looking hair.  It’s just that for me this piece doesn’t work.  Again I can’t state enough that this is a good looking, natural looking piece, I just don’t like it.

Now on a more technical note the Turning Point Wig by Eva Gabor has the Personal Fit Cap that is found in most of Eva Gabor’s wigs.  The Personal Fit Cap has the advantage of being light comfort and dependable.  Interestingly unlike the majority of high quality wigs that are found today the Turning Point Wig by Eva Gabor doesn’t use the stretch lace.  Instead the Turning Point Wig by Eva Gabor  uses a stretch material that molds to the shape of the head of a tighter and lighter.