Kate Gosselin Costume Wigs


Kate Gosselin Costume Wigs have taken off ever since the series “Jon and Kate Plus 8” first took off.  And we’ve really seen a jump in the amount of Kate Gosselin Costume Wigs during their divorce.  The show was like a how to course in destroying your husband’s self-esteem and ultimately ruining your marriage.  The entire time the audience and the nation were united in their ironically divided feelings over the reality TV mom with her bad attitude and overly controlling nature.  But I digress.  The goal of this post isn’t to bash Kate Gosselin and call her names but to give you places where you can find Kate Gosselin Costume Wigs.


This is the classic look that we’ve all seen Kate wear during the tenure of the show, also referred to as the Flock of Seagulls look.  It isn’t the most flattering hairdo in the world but the recreation wig isn’t that bad.  As with most costume wigs you can definitely tell that it’s a fake and there is no way that it isn’t recognizable as Kate Gosselin’s hairstyle.  The wig itself is missing the dark brown highlights/roots that we often see Kate Gosselin with.  You can find this wig on amazon.com.

I just can’t even begin to explain how bad this wig looks and how unrecognizable it is. If it didn’t say Kate Gosselin underneath it then I wouldn’t have believed that it was modeled after the titular woman.  It resembles the style and cut yes, but that’s about it.  Even though this is very inexpensive, if you decide that you need Kate Gosselin Costume Wigs this isn’t for you.  Well not unless you want to be that person at the party that has to tell everyone who you are dressed as.  And trust me, you do not want to be that person.