Kate Gosselin Wigs For Halloween


Kate Gosselin Wigs For Halloween were all the rage during the height of “Jon and Kate Plus 8’s” popularity and why wouldn’t they be? Kate Gosselin had a horrible reputation, a controversial and popular show, and gave birth to eight kids. Even if you didn’t watch her there was a pretty good chance that you knew her name or at least her situation. As a result the number of women who decided to start dressing like the woman made her iconic hairstyle all the rage.

Of course after the show ended Kate Gosselin went on the PR trial to end reinvent herself and sports long locks. But anytime you search for Kate Gosselin Wigs For Halloween, then you’re going to be looking at the hairstyle she had during the majority of filming of the show. The “Flock of Seagulls” look as it has been referred to.

Now yes, I know that this doesn’t bear Kate Gosselin’s name but is there any doubt in your mind that this wig is a representation of her style. And before you think I’m crazy let me just say that the manufacturer themselves calls this wig, “Eight Is Too Much” on the packaging so there is no question as to whom this wig refers to. So let’s talk about it. While it can be argued that this is one of the still available Kate Gosselin Wigs For Halloween, the point can also be made that it’s an awful wig all on its own. I really don’t like the way this looks. It’s just unattractive , sloppy, and a waste of your money. But if you still want to check it out, this piece can be found at buycostumes.com.