Katy Perry Costume Wigs


Katy Perry Costume Wigs aren’t that hard to find online. They exist in different styles although they might not bear her name in the description. But that doesn’t meant that you can’t find a good looking piece that mimics Katy Perry’s unique look.

While her style isn’t nearly as wild as Lady Gaga’s, Katy Perry Costume Wigs are far easier to track down and create. As the years have gone by and Katy Perry’s personal popularity has soared, costumes based on her have become very popular. During Halloween it isn’t surprising to see a few women walking around dressed like the pop diva. The supply is large as is the demand, which means it’s important to know what you’re getting into during your search and finding the right wig at a good price. One that doesn’t look awful and ruins your efforts. After all not all of us can afford to dye our hair the right shade of periwinkle.


This is one of the many blue Katy Perry Costume Wigs that is out there. I picked it because it’s also one of the best looking ones. Katy Perry likes to combine wild hair colors with classic hairstyles, and this is true of this wig which we first saw in her California Gurls music video. It is slightly longer though than the original but that can be fixed with a quick trim to regulate the length. You can find this at wigs.com.

So this is a little closer to the original video because it comes with the blue heart hair piece. And folks if you are going to this look than you might as well be as accurate as possible. As far as Katy Perry Costume Wigs go, it’s actually really nice and I personally like. From buycostumes.com it’s a reasonable price but a great looking piece that I would be more than happy to wear on my head during any party, themed or not. It also comes in different colors, so you can have any of the outfits that she wore.