Kim Zolciak Wig Line

kim zolciak

If it wasn’t for YouTube or our gossip obsessed culture here in North America then I wouldn’t even know who Kim Zolciak was.  But for those of you that have lived in blissful unawareness, Kim Zolciak is a former reality TV star who was featured in the Bravo Channel’s Real Housewives series.

Specifically she was on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and was known for being in a relationship with a married man that she called Big Poppa.  After somehow nabbing a young NFL player as a husband Kim left the show and either is still pregnant or has had another child.

Either way, if there was another thing that she was known for it’s the fact that she loved weaves and wigs.  And as she lived in black hair central Atlanta (seriously you all need to go check out the hair show it’s amazing) it’s no wonder that she cut the wig wearing fever..  I mean really how could she not.  Kim is proud of the fact that she wears wigs, and isn’t ashamed of it.  She’s been pretty outspoken as a matter of fact about her wig wearing past.  Who knows maybe one day she’ll have her own wig line.  But for now, she’s happy with just wearing them.


kim zolciak2