Lady Gaga Two Tone Wig

Lady Gaga has become a huge fashion icon and the amount of Halloween costumes that are based on her unique look many in the hundreds.  Gaga has created a style that fascinated the country, the world, and with the extreme accessories and hairdos that she sports it’s no wonder why people are clamoring to include a bit of her high fashion look into their world.

She’s worn meat dresses, walked around with a old school telephone on her head, wore all black clothes, had any interesting plastic look.  She’s walked around with every shade of hair from brunette to cotton candy pink but the confidence that she has in her looks, no matter how outlandish, appeals to the masses.  We believe and accept her style because she believes in it.  She walks around in clothes that I honestly can’t believe that she’s wearing, like it’s a Versace dress and refuses to feel any embarrassment.  How can you not admire that, even just a little.

Now one of the most popular wigs that people go after is the Lady Gaga Two Tone Wig.  It makes sense because this wig, at least the one I really like comes in two tones.  Blond and off yellow and is one size fits all.  It’s made up of synthetic hair and is an obvious fake but it still looks pretty good for a costume wig. I wouldn’t recommend it for everyday wear, but in a night on the town and for a killer Halloween costume the Lady Gaga Two Tone Wig, is a great addition.

I mean look it, even if you’re just a little monster this Lady Gaga Two Tone Wig doesn’t look that bad and for the price (and it’s really cheap), you can’t get any better in quality.  It looks fake and feels incredibly fake (due to the cheapness of the synthetic) but like I said earlier for a costume hairpiece it’s better than many of the other costume wigs that I’ve ever seen. As a wig for Halloween, then yes I would definitely recommend it because it’s not that bad.  But it’s not a keeper.  Although if you take good care of it, it could be used for other costumes.  That’s about it, because I can’t really knock a wig that was created for a specific purpose. You can find this Lady Gaga Two Tone Wig on or