Miley Burns Her Hannah Montana Wig

It was just last April that Miley Cyrus, the popular star of Hannah Montana, plans to burn her blonde Hannah Montana wig as the show comes to its final episode. As she grows older and more mature, she said she can’t wait to just finally bid the show goodbye along with saying goodbye to her onscreen character.

She even said that as the final episode reaches it end, she said that one Hannah Montana wig will be preserved in a museum while another one will be burned. She first played the character around 4 years ago with a total of 84 episodes and one movie to go. She said that it is only this way that she won’t be wearing again the wig, ever anymore.

She also admits that in real life, she can’t help but really act like a brat at times. She fights with her parents every once in a while but still they are all tightly bonded.

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