Motown Tress Wigs

At times I do forget that not everyone who reads the things that I write has a long-time experience with wigs.  Some of you guys are new and for whatever reason have decided to step into the fake hair world.  So I will make more of an effort to explain various segments of the fake hair community to you in various articles.  We’ll discuss how to care for your wigs and various wig manufacturers.

In this piece, I want to talk about one of the leaders in African American wigs.  Motown Tress Wigs  have graced the heads of African American women for about 37 years.  They’ve been making wigs that have followed hair trends in the African American community and have stayed modern drawing customers to them.  And over the years they’ve made a lot of wigs.  With over 50 human hair wigs and more than 100 synthetic styles they know what the African American woman wants in her hair pieces and they have built a reputation for quality.

Motown Tress Wigs shows that this company uses the finest quality in human hair and synthetics and are all pretty reasonably priced.  Every time they come out with a new wig, it’s interesting to see what trend of African American hairstyles they’ll use as their base.  From short to long, wavy to sleek straight it’s an interesting look at what the modern African American woman is working with. 

I’ve been on their website before and it’s really interesting to look at the variety of wigs that this company makes.  No matter what the style (even the ones that i don’t like) even on the internet I can see the high quality work that Motown Tress Wigs have in their work.  There’s no question in my mind that this is a company that will have your loyalty once you try their products.  And while their not my favorite wig makers they certainly are in the top 5.   Like I’ve said before any company that uses monofilament in their wigs is a company whose wigs you want on your head.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.  If you really want to check out Motown Tress Wigs, I recommend that you check out their website for yourself and really get a close look at their catalogue.  You’ll be able to check out all their wigs from synthetic to human and the variety of styles they have on tap.