Nicki Minaj Without Wig

nicki minaj2


I don’t recall ever seeing Nicki Minaj without a wig on her head.  As far as I can remember, or at least when I first heard of Ms. Minaj, she’s always worn a wig on her head.  It’s just the way of things.  And I’m talking about before she signed with her current label Young Money.

This means before the crazy videos and costumes and of course the wild wigs.  Because ladies and gentlemen one can’t put their hair through the constant styling that Nicki Minaj goes through without it one day falling apart in her hands.  Any decent stylist, and I imagine that Nicki Minaj can afford the best, would have guided her to a wig maker that could make products solely for her.

That doesn’t mean that it would be easy to find pictures.  I mean the closest anyone got was her back in the day before the fame when she was an up and comer.  And that’s the picture that I was going to talk about until I found a picture that Nicki Minaj herself released on twitter.

nicki minaj


One thing I can’t tell is if this is pre-relaxer but I think it might be as Nicki has stated on twitter that this is her natural hair.  I don’t understand why she bothers with the wigs as her natural hair looks healthy, strong, and long.  Much longer than I’m able to grow my own.  Regardless, I really like it and hope she sports it out one day.


nicki minaj3