Paula Young Curly Headband Wig

Anyone who knows me, knows that there is nothing that I love more than a headband.  Trust me when I say that my collection of said headbands are pretty huge.  In fact I can remember starting my collection at the tender age of 5. Not that my headbands are expensive just the way my natural hair and wigs are styled look good with them to.  That being said, I like a wig that comes with a headband.

Now I’ve discussed the benefits of wigs before.  Their a fix for many folks for whatever reason you choose to wear a wig.  For me personally, sometimes I just want a change without making a commitment to it.  I like to experiment with my look without risking real damage to my hair from dying, or a lot of heat.  So wigs have been an interesting experience for me since my college days.  And if I can alter the wig that’s even better.

During my research I discovered that Paula Young has been in the wig making business since the 70’s. I mean can you believe that?  It’s before my time but to last that long and have her reputation for quality means something in the business of hair.  So let me introduce you to one of pieces that I really, really like.  Introducing the Paula Young Curly Headband Wig.

Okay so full disclosure, I do prefer straighter with a little feathering on the ends, or the sleek look but I do like this wig.  It’s just a headband with hair attached, and really easy to put on as it has hidden and flexible combs.  Bonus is the fact that due to the fibers used to make it, this  Paula Young Curly Headband Wig  is heat-friendly meaning that you can change it and straighten out the curls!  Oh and it also comes with to headbands in brown and black which is pretty good.  I gotta say that I like the naturalness of it.  If you’ve read my other posts than you know that I stress realness in the wigs that I like here.  If it’s meant to be cartoony than I don’t mind it, but if you’re looking for a real looking wig then that’s what you want.  What surprises me is the price.  This  Paula Young Curly Headband Wig comes in at only $49.  If you want to check it out and see if it comes in a color that you like then it can be found on her website.