Paula Young Feather Touch Hairpiece

There are a lot of places where you can find wigs.  Local hair salons, wig shops, and of course online.  But the quality of wigs is ever changing and unlike driving to your local hair salon or wig shop where you can see the quality of the merchandise, know the price upfront, and can deal with the salesperson up close and personal you don’t get those benefits by shopping online.  Online you need to trust the manufacturer, trust in the quality of their wigs, trust that despite the price you pay for it that the wig won’t look fake and cheap.


Paula Young is one of the top wig manufacturers out there and she has a great reputation.  Her line of wigs are all life-like, and use only the best quality of synthetic material.  All of her wigs are mimic real hair shades, thickness, shininess (if that’s a word).

This Paula Young Feather Touch Hairpiece is lightweight due to what she calls WhisperLite fiber, and uses monofilament.  If you don’t know what monofilament is let me explain what it is.  Monofilament creates a scalp illusion allowing a part in the wig that looks completely natural.  Only the top quality wig makers include it, so if you don’t see monofilament (aka a part that looks real) in the wig that it’s not top quality.  The Paula Young Feather Touch Hairpiece is short yet really flirty with a cute side part that covers one eye. It comes in multiple hair shades, and for the price is a very high quality piece.

All in all, I’m not a big fan of this piece.  Nothing against it, but I’m more of a long hair gal. I just like either shoulder length or longer wigs so the short do doesn’t do much for me.  But still I can appreciate quality work when I see it.  It’s a really cute look and I can definitely see why Paula Young has fans as her work is really great.  This is a pretty inexpensive piece but the key here is that it doesn’t look inexpensive.  It looks real, thick, shiny, but above all real.  I’ve had a couple of cheaper wigs in the past and you could tell in an instant that not only were they cheap but fake.  This isn’t one of those wigs.  While it’ s not to my personal taste, I wouldn’t hate you if you bought. This gets a definite GOOD FOR YOU, if you buy it.  If you like the Paula Young Feather Touch Hairpiece then you can find it on her website.