Paula Young Wigs


Paula Young is a big name in wig making and it’s pretty easy to see why.  With a wide range of natural looking, realistic, and carefully colored wigs the lines popularity has been set for a while. The best thing about Paula Young wigs is that their lightweight.

If you’ve never worn a wig before, an easy way to tell the difference between the majority of costume wigs and high quality pieces is how they feel on your head. Brand names lines like Paula Young will have wigs that feel light on your head, helping to keep things like sweat down (which can ruin wigs) and let’s you wear the wig all day long without discomfort.

Now of course this is a brand name retailer the wigs are going to be a little more expensive than your regular costume store wigs.  But surprisingly the Paula Young line is incredibly affordable.  Sure they’ve got their more expensive pieces, but the majority of the wigs that I’ve looked at online are all the prices I would expect to see costume wigs.  You’re not going to find many retailers that are willing to sell high quality pieces at prices like these so if you’re a fan of the styling then I would suggest that you check out Paula Young online.

What do I think?  I’m not a huge fan of a lot of Paula Young’s work.  I tend to think that they steer a little older with the styling so it’s not really my thing.  After scrolling through page after page of wigs, my end opinion is that they design for the older woman maybe 35 at the youngest to more mature.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t recognize the quality in the work. Just that I’m not that big of a fan of it.

Still at the end of the day, I would recommend Paula Young wigs as deserving a look.  Especially if you’re looking for quality and affordable prices.