Slash Wig

slash wig1


I was too young for Guns & Roses, my mother would never ever let me watch or listen to their music. I was a boy band girl all the way. But that doesn’t mean that today I am unaware of who they are and especially who Slash is. The guitarist is still admired by music fans to this day and because of his personal style (well really his hair) while people may not know his name they know the look.

So occasionally especially now that we’re close to Halloween I guess I can help all you wannabe Rock Gods with perfecting your Slash look. Most of it’s easy, leather pants or tight jeans, loose white T-shirt, leather jacket, boots (Doc Martin are good), sunglasses, and a lot of silver (fake is fine) jewelry will get you most of the way there. But without that wild hair and top hat then all your work is for nothing. The good news is you can probably find hair that is close enough in many costume shops. The same goes for the top hat.

But you can always go the internet route and browse around for it. Which is taking a risk. Don’t get me wrong there are some great costume wigs out there, but as I’ve warned before it’s important that you make sure of the quality of the costume wig you’re buying as some of them will fall apart the minute that you get them. So make sure that you trust the site that you’re buying from. Once you get your wig, it’ll be time to Rock On!


slash wig2


slash wig3