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As we countdown Snooki’s last 15 minutes of fame, I think that you can stretch out the Snooki wig for at least another year.  Though she goes by Nicole now, in her attempts to establish herself beyond the Jersey Shore (which did terrible in the ratings as did her original reality show), she’ll always be Snooki to us.

That’s not an insult of course, but let’s face it the character of Snooki is just so dominant that it’s almost impossible to imagine a world where we’ll refer to her as Nicole.

That means that the hairstyle that I always picture her with is long, black, and with a bump on top.  And that’s the hair that we see most often during the Halloween season.  Snooki wigs are so popular or at least were so popular that you could not only find them online but also find them in party supply stores and costume shops.

So really it’s dealer’s choice in where you go and find them.  Although like with any specific costume wigs I do recommend that you go and find pictures of Snooki and compare them to any wigs you might be considering.  After all there’s nothing worse than having a costume that no one recognizes.  After you’ve got the wig all that’s left is the fake tan, and tight clothes and you’re good to go.

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