Taking Care Of Your Raquel Welch Wigs


When you own a wig, and especially if their high quality expensive wigs, it’s important to know how maintain their pristine quality.  After all if you spent $500-1,000 on a wig then you’ll want it to last for a long time.  Now I’ve said that I highly admired Raquel Welch’s wig line and I do.  Their high quality synthetic and natural wigs, their color is amazing, and I love the wide variety of styles.  But it’s imperative that if you own one of these that you understanding that Taking Care Of Your Raquel Welch Wigs is something that you’ll have to keep up on but isn’t necessarily difficult to do.

Everyone under the sun has their own ideas on how to maintain wig care.  And there are certainly things that you won’t be able to do yourself if you’re just starting out with wigs.  But here are some easy to do tips that anyone can use.



First only use wig combs and wig brushes to style your wigs. These products were made specifically to protect wigs from damage by using rubber ends.  If you use regular combs and brushes on your Raquel Welch wigs then they will cause the hair/fibers to split creating a fuzzy look and permanently damaging your investment.  Next only use a wig cap every time you slide your Raquel Welch wigs on.  I mean it does say on her website that they be directly applied but most of her wigs use lace netting.  Lace netting is fragile and the natural oils on your scalp will eventually make the wig dirty and you’ll be forced to wash it more often then you should.  Washing wigs wears them out, and at those prices you want these to last for as long as possible.

I also suggest buying a wig stand.  By keeping your wigs on a stand you’ll prevent tangles and your wigs will stay fresh and styled and finally don’t forget to place them somewhere cool. Oh, and if you use products then try to use something that Raquel Welch suggests from her website hairuwear.com.

Finally Raquel Welch wigs dirty easily and need to be cleaned after every ten uses to take care of any odor that might come.  You’ll need to use cool water and shampoos that are designed for wigs.  Let it soak for about fifteen minutes and then gently squeeze it in order to remove the water.  When Taking Care Of Your Raquel Welch Wigs never and I mean never twist it to strain the water as you will cause wig damage. And that’s it, it’s all pretty straight forward.  For more advanced techniques like color maintenance I would suggest seeking the help of a professional especially if you have no experience with wig dye.