Toni Brattin Bob Wig

Let’s talk about quality. Toni Brattin has become a major name in wig makers over the years and has been seen a lot of NBC and especially HSN. And there’s a reason for that, her wigs are pretty great looking. For the most part they all look very natural, thick, and the various styles are all elegant and modern. She’s got a wide selection of them for a variety of prices but even the bargain ones take a discerning eye to tell the difference in quality. And that’s the point, you shouldn’t have to break the bank in order to have a wig that looks good. Toni Brattin is one of the few wig makers out there that makes a great product at pretty reasonable prices.

A great example is the Toni Brattin Bob Wig. Now I’ve looked at this one before and while I find it not a great style, at least for me, I appreciate the quality of the design and how it looks. It comes in a variety of colors and shades of the hair spectrum. Blonde to Gray and diverse in the shading making it easier to match your natural hair color and look as real as a wig can be. The styling of how the hair is placed gives it a professional salon done look. It’s a flirty and fun Bob, and I can see why she has her fans.

Now she does have more than one style as there is more than one style of Bob out there. The next one, is a longer upto the chin bob that curls in on the end. Like the classic it’s available in different colors and has a great real look to it. I emphasize this because unless it’s Halloween, I like my wigs to look as real as possible. It’s also got a great little bump in the back which I like for height.

The reason why she has such a great reputation is becuase all her wigs including the Toni Brattin Bob Wig, are really no fuss and easy to slip on your head. Once you get it, all you have to do is shake it a couple of times, put it on your head, comb it out, and your done. The Toni Brattin Bob Wig looks good on a lot of different women no matter what style you choose and is highly durable because of the fibers that she uses. All in all I’m a fan.

The Toni Brattin Bob Wig is really a no fuss wig style that makes it rather uncomplicated to slip it on your head and instantly have a brand-new hairstyle and look. All you’ve to do is take the Toni Brattin wig and give it a few shakes, to loosen the curls, spot it on your head, fluff up the waves and go. The Toni Brattin Bob Wig can be a brief style wig that is best for most females. The wig is made out of synthetic fiber which is pretty durable and top quality fibers. The wig cap is make out of nylon and is adjustable to fit your head size perfectly. Oh and before I forget, while her pieces can be found in a variety of places, you can just go to her website to find her products.