Toni Brattin Half Wigs

And we’re back to talk about the amazing Toni Brattin and a regular in wig products.  The Toni Brattin Half Wigs, are just as great as the full wigs for those who want a change in style.  They come in a wide variety from bump-its to classic curls. So it does depend on you and what kind of style that you want to do.  Regardless the most important part of a half wig is that it stays on and blends well with your natural hair.  Now while it is tempting to talk about the various styles of half wigs that she offers, I feel for the newbies in the fake hair world might want a little explanation as to what a ‘half wig’ is. So here goes.

Half wigs can also go under two different names: ¾ falls or hairpieces and you might have heard the term extensions.  They attach to your natural hair by using interlocking combs and once brushed can blend with your own natural hair for a completed style.  So your own hair will show in both the front and sides while melding with the wig for a great new natural look.  Now some people will say not to match the wig with your own hair color, and while a slight variation in color can create contrasting highlights, if it’s too off then it could signal to the world that your style is fake.  Done right, and with a quality piece, this half wig can help you create a look that looks professional like you’ve either spent hours or a lot of cash.

Available on her website, you can go either the fall or extension route depending on you. So let’s try the fall route.  This is a headband fall that attaches of course at the headband.  Your natural hair is up front while the half wig starts where the headband is located.  And let me say I like this wig.  In the real world, I love a good headband and wear them constantly, so this is a look that is tailor made for me.  As always for a Toni Brattin creation, it comes in a wide variety of colors that are all along the natural spectrum making sure that for the wearer it all looks real.  Easy to put it like many half wigs, this one just snaps in place creating a firm hold, and to hide where it connects to your natural hair, you can place the headband right over that section.  It comes in two different colors, and of course you can use your own headbands if you like.