Here at we both value and appreciate the efforts made by millions of individuals and organizations that have an active share in the fight against cancer. While we in no way suggest or encourage women, children, or men to look into wigs, or other hair products, during their fight against cancer… we’ve realized that a good percentage of our audience are people who are looking for options that suit their needs as it relates to how they personally want to address hair loss.


For that reason, we’ve decided to put an initiative in place where we specifically address and answer cancer related questions that pertain to hair loss; here on this page as well as other areas of our website.

Added to that, we are proud to announce that each month we will be donating ANY product shown on our website to one person or family that is currently battling cancer. All that is required is for you to contact us, to make a request for the product you would like donated and any information(if any) you would like to share with us and our readers=.

Obviously, there are millions of people each month that are battling cancer that at present we cannot monetarily do much for. However, as time passes and we come across additional ways we can further support this fight… we will continue to do so.

For anyone interested in, joining us in this fight against cancer… we will not accept monetary donations directly, but we are open to putting you in contact with any of our readership that agree to receiving the type of support you may be interested in offering.

In recent years, we have seen the fight against cancer pick up more and more momentum as the number of supporters increase by the day. We hope our contribution, as we as those of millions of people around the world can help get us closer to making sure no one has to fight cancer by themselves.