Your Complete Ombre Hair Guide: 53 Facts & Ideas for 2018

Ombre hair is not something new. Many celebrities have gone with this look and have made these hairstyles as memorable as their image on TV or in films. If you want to get that amazing look with two or even three color combinations to your hair, then you should definitely go ombre yourself and read on.


Whether you are going to a hairstylist or if you want to do it yourself, it is best to learn as much about it as you can. One of the best things about going ombre is that you have a wide variety of colors and shades to choose from. You can choose the color for your hair roots, highlights and ends as long as you know the basics of ombre hair design.

Here’s a list of 53 facts, tips, and ideas that will surely give you the best ombre hair experience:


1. It Has A Simple Definition.

This style is often loved because it has a beautiful coloring effect where the bottom part of your hair looks a little bit lighter than the upper portion. To do this, you should bleach your hair’s lower portion. You should bleach the bottom part of the hair, and you dye it afterward. This will prevent your hair from looking brassy or orange-like in color. This step is useful only if you want to even out your ombre tone.

2. It Pays To know Which Ombre Colors Suit You.


There are basically two types of ombre that you can do: traditional and reverse. With traditional ombre, you have lighter hair tips and darker hair roots. With reverse, you get the opposite. Choose the type that goes well with your natural color although most people choose light brown, red/auburn shade or blond shade.

3. Remember To Select The Right Shade And Dye.

Do not select a shade that is more than two shades lighter than the original color of your hair. Natural and sun-kissed ombre hair is more beautiful with subtle color change than with abrupt ones. Also, do not choose strong dyes that might damage your hair. Go for mild ones that are usually all-natural.

4. You Decide Where The Fade Should Stop.

Make sure you have long hair since this style works better with longer hair. The longer your hair, the further the ombre can show the beautiful contrast of the shades. Choose well where your natural color and dyed color should meet although, for a safer look, it should be lower down your hair. If you make the mistake of setting the point too high, your ombre might appear as grown-out roots.

5. Use Bleach Correctly.

You need bleach to lift color from your hair. The blonde hair dye is extra useful here since it does not lift that much color and will be safe for your hair. You also can do this with a cheaper creamy mixture of 2oz each of peroxide and powdered bleach. Use an application tool to bleach your hair from the ends going up to the desired fade line. Leave it 40-45 mins and wash it off.

6. Take Note Of These Reminders When Bleaching.

As you are bleaching your hair, make sure you are in a well-ventilated area to prevent you from inhaling the fumes. If you have thick and long hair, divide it into sections while pinning each separately. If you do not have an application tool, use an applicator brush. Apply bleach to your hair evenly using vertical strokes down while using a mirror to guide you.


7. Determine The Intensity Of Your Hair Color While Bleaching.

If you want only a slight change in hair color, leave the bleach on for around 10-20 minutes. However, if you want to amaze more friends with your new hair, then leave it on for 40-45 mins. That will give you a bolder change hair color that you would definitely love. Also, if you leave the bleach longer, your hair won’t turn orange or brassy.

8. Keep Yourself Safe When Bleaching Your Hair.

The choice to DIY (do it yourself) at home could be dangerous if you’re not careful. Aside from a well-ventilated area, you should also use gloves when handling chemicals. Keep the chemicals out of children’s reach later. Make sure too that you won’t mix up brown ombre and blonde ombre items, even bottle lids. You don’t want to get confused next time so do not mix chemicals either on purpose or by mistake.

9. Protect Your Hair From The Bleach.

After waiting for as long as 45 mins, use warm water to rinse the bleach off your hair. Use sulfate-free shampoo to wash your hair after. Make sure you rinse off all the bleach. You would not want your hair to lighten continually. Wait another day before you try to condition your hair.

10. Make Preparations For Coloring Your Hair.

When you have made sure that your hair is dry, then you can start the coloring process. Once more, divide your hair into sections and tie off the ends using non-metallic clips or elastic bands. Put your normal, vinyl or latex gloves so that you won’t dye your hands in the process. Then, mix your hair dyes in a well-ventilated area.

11. Apply Your Colors Perfectly.

Make sure that you follow all the application instructions for your hair dye. For a traditional ombre, you should apply the hair dye evenly to all bleached sections of your hair and just a little up your strands too. For reverse ombre, add the color only up to the line where the color fades. Apply a second heavier coat close to the tips just like when you’re applying bleach and don’t miss any spots as you saturate with the dye evenly.

12. Wait, Wash And Work Out Your Hairstyle After.

Whether you’re doing black or brown, let the color set for the recommended amount of time prescribed by your hair dye although 10 mins would be enough for bleached hair. Wash out the dye using a sulfate-free shampoo. Finish off with a deep conditioner to prevent your hair from damage. Air dry or blow dry your hair before you style it.

13. Find A Specialist.

If you are in doubt about how to dye your hair, it is always a good idea to seek the advice of a professional hair colorist or a hair expert that is familiar with the ombre technique. He or she alone knows whether your hair should be dyed with one or two shades darker or lighter. Besides, you wouldn’t want to make any mistake with your hair, would you?

14. Choose The Right Ombre Hue For You.

Although each one has a statement, much should depend on what is actually appropriate to your hairstyle and skin color. The length of your hair should also be a major factor. Ombre highlights are meant to make your hair look naturally beautiful and unique. They should therefore perfectly blend with your original hair and skin appearance.

15. Nurture Your Ombre Highlights.

One very good way to take care of your ombre highlights is to use a shampoo that is sulfate-free so that it will not aggravate hair conditions. Bleaching and dying have already been applied to your hair so make sure that you do not use any strong shampoo with it. Color-safe shampoo and conditioner, as well as those with UV filters, are the best choices.

16. Trust The Hair Mask.

Develop the habit of using hair mask either once or twice a week so that it can preserve the color of your hair. This is a healthy switch from your regular conditioner. Your hair mask keeps your hair safe. You should apply it to wet hair and leave it on up to five minutes before rinsing it thoroughly.

17. It Is Always Better To Air Dry.


Although blow drying is a good thing, natural hair drying is still the rule if you’ve chosen this style. Hot tools can destroy the color of your hair gradually. Avoid all hot surfaces and temperatures when you have ombre hair as some dyes are extremely sensitive to heat. Otherwise, it will leave your hair badly discolored.

18. Ombre Is Perfect For Brunettes.

Although ombre looks good on everyone, it looks especially great on brunettes. If you are a brunette, you should be happy to know that you can get as many as seven shades with your hair while still looking stunningly beautiful. The best highlights for your hair should be purple, teal or even pink!

19. You Can Still Make The Final Decision About Your Ombre.

If you have dark brown hair, you can have light brown highlights. However, if your hair is light brown, you can have something lighter for your highlights. You can basically choose anything as long as it looks natural on you.

20. You Need To Switch Up Hair Care.

As soon as you have colored hair, then you should do your best to preserve its color. Thus, you need to switch to shampoo, conditioner and hair mask that is specially made for colored hair. The best are those with antioxidants, ceramide, and UV filter to prevent and fix any possible damage.

21. Ombre Is Still Perfect For Short Hair.

Although most women who have ombre styling are long-haired, those with short hair can have the same opportunity. Ombre hair is easy to try and have a variety of choices for you. Moreover, it is basically low-maintenance since you need not worry about root touchups every now and then.


22. Ombre Is Not Limited To Two Colors.

Although most color combinations are made up of two dominant colors, you can still have as many as three. The icy diva ombre has electric indigo roots, fresh aqua blue middle, and classic silver ends. Keep in mind that some are ombre hairstyles have a dark brown, red and blonde combination.


23. It’s Trendy And Unique.

One reason why Jennifer Aniston’s streaks in the 90s were so popular was due to the fashion trend that it created. Ombre is all about fashion and many celebrities, and fashion bloggers love it. Moreover, it is more glamorous for you to have two colors for your hair than just one because two makes a statement.

24. It’s Low-Maintenance And Safe.

If you have colored hair, there is no need always to have a monthly touch-up to your roots. Just keep using shampoo and conditioner as well as hair mask that can protect your hair. Besides, ombre hair does not require harsh chemicals that will damage your hair and scalp. Just be careful with bleaching as you could overuse it.

25. It Can Be Easy.

Although you may sometimes require an expert for advice or for giving you a flawless hairstyle, this style is still a relatively easy thing for you to do. In fact, there are many DIY ombre packages that you can buy. Another good thing about this style is that it allows so much room for creativity as you have a hundred shades to choose from. Just be careful not to experiment too much with your hair.

26. Be Extra Careful When Bleaching.

If you want to have an ultralight blonde shade for your ends, then most types of hair require frequent bleaching. The problem is that bleaching can damage your hair by causing tiny explosions in your hair structure. The damage is permanent and should be cut out although it can be concealed by the color.

27. Minimize Damage To Your Hair.

If your hair is damaged by bleaching, it becomes a problem when adding color to it. Thus, the ends have to be trimmed to minimize breakage. Moreover, to maintain healthy hair, have a regular ombre application every 3-6 months if you want to maintain your hair color.

28. Always Have A Picture Of Your Desired Hair.

Do not underestimate the importance of having a picture of your desired hair look when visiting your hairdresser. You may not be able to describe it perfectly to him even if you explain it in detail. This should be the case if you don’t want any costly mistakes to happen.

29. Black Is Still Beautiful, Even For Ombre.


Black hair is always beautiful and is even made more elegant with black to fuchsia ombre. This goes best with red purples. You can also exude your gorgeous charm with your jet black roots and caramel or warm brown ends. You may choose to show your multi-dimensional personality with deep midnight blue ends to your black hair. Your black hair also appears just as sophisticated as golden brown ends.

30. Keep In Mind That Tone Is Everything.

When you have ombre hair, make sure you do not get that brassy tint. That results from bleaching dark hair that is actually reddish. Have a colorist do a follow up on it as soon as you can. However, if you are doing this alone, then use a hair toner with ashy color to remove the annoying orange tones.

31. Never Forget To Keep Your Hair Healthy.

Bleach is more dangerous to your hair than dye. Thus, it is better to get a trim before you go ombre so that the bleach will not damage the long ends of the hair. Long hair ends can suffer more damage compared to newly cut ones. And don’t forget to use safe and deep shampoo and conditioner!

32. Take Care To Avoid Harsh Lines.

Ombre should look sun-kissed and natural. Thus, you should avoid definite ugly lines of demarcation in your hair where two colors meet. Use a toothbrush as a DIY technique. Do this as soon as you apply the bleach. Then rub the color into an upward direction.

33. Remember Not To Get Too Drastic.

Always consider your natural hair color before you decide to go ombre. For example, if you have black hair, your ombre should not go lighter than light brown or soft medium brown. Otherwise, it won’t look natural. It is true that you can make decisions about your hair, but you have to know your hair first.

34. Always Trust Your Professional Hair Stylist.

If you are in doubt about your choices, always trust a professional. Do not think that you know everything just because you have read a lot about ombre hair or you have imagined yourself perfectly beautiful with this or that shade. Seek professional advice even if you have to do it yourself.

35. Dark-Skinned Women Need Special Ombre Tones.

If you are dark-skinned, you can choose any ombre that is excellent for your skin color, such as deep red, bright caramel or ashy shades. These emphasize skin luster and boost your beauty. Caramel hues can do well with your jet black hair too.


36. Fair-Skinned Women Should Know What Hairstyle To Choose.

If you are fair-skinned, you can basically wear almost any color of hair or ombre. However, the more suitable ombres for you could be anything that has lighter blonde, ash and soft gold tones in combination with black, brown or blonde. The pale look will showcase you while the dark hair colors will emphasize your wholeness.

37. Go Sensual With Blue Styles.

If you want to look like your fairytale mermaid character, then go for the ice diva ombre with a triple shade attack of electric indigo, aqua blue, and silver. You can also go bright and bold with your anime blue look, which is your black to dark blue ombre. You may also go for that mythological image with your purple to a blue hue. Otherwise, you can simply be that cool hip girl with your denim blue hair, or dark gray to rich aqua blue ombre.

38. Live the Royal Life With Blue Hues.

Ink blue magic is nothing but luxurious royal blue mixed with your jet black hair to create that breathtaking ombre. The sand and sea ombre also can fit your grace and strength as you choose deep aquamarine blue ends for your sandy brown hair. Otherwise, define your power with either a blonde to Frozen blue look or a black to indigo ombre.


39. Brown Ombre Sparks Elegance.

For your brown crowning glory, dear ladies, you could go for that Hollywood-looking Long Shaggy Bob style, or brown to blonde ombre. For natural brunettes, you can add strength to your appearance with a classic dark brown to chestnut or golden brown ombre. Honey brown ombre is also a perfect choice with your dark roots ending in multiple shades of soft light brown.

40. Brown Ombre Showcases Your Uniqueness.

If you have dark brown hair, you will appreciate it more with ash gray ends especially if it has a messy, wavy texture. You can also show your best cool-girl vibes if you have the ultra-feminine chocolate brown to pale blonde ombre. Otherwise, you can opt to look chic and extra cool with your dark brown to light brown ombre. Dark brown to chestnut or caramel ombre is also the best if you just want to show warmth.

41. Black Ombre Still Rules.

For black-haired ladies, you can go for that beautiful, healthy-looking sun-kissed locks using black to caramel ombre. As long as you have deep shades of black and brown, you definitely need copper tones for that caramel ombre. Black to gray ombre is another statement that you can make if you want to exude authority. Otherwise, go for black and tan or black and platinum ombre for that gothic look.

42. Ignite Your Passion With Red Styles.

Red hot ombre is one of the best choices here with your black hair with dark red shade. You can also define precision of movement with auburn ombre, or that warm mix of brown and red shades. You may want to declare your rock star spirit with your crimson ombre, or that black or brown hair with bleeding red shade.

43. Get Into the Heat With Red Ombre Hair Styles.

Release that tough punk or biker chick in you with your black to light red ombre. Long black hair with red locks also gives you that rather tough side of Rapunzel that you may want to show the opposite sex. Alternately, you can go for rainbow ombre, with burgundy roots, orange middle, and blonde ends. However, if you just want to look like fire itself, then go for deep auburn or burgundy base ending with very bright red tips.


44. Show Your Oriental Roots Through Asian Styles.

One of the most popular Asian hairstyles that you can have is the smokey purple ombre, which is black to dark purple, black to lavender, or black to icy blonde ombre. You can also go for an Asian “Bronde” ombre or a brown to the blonde combination. You may also go for that mysterious black to light brown ombre waves that will make your look like intoxicating chocolate.

45. Make Your Statement With Asian Styles.

Your elegant Asian black hair can go perfectly with dusty rose shade if you want, not to mention it comes with a slimming effect. Tapered bangs will also go well with black to caramel ombre to give you that formal air of authority. However, you may want to look like the Asian girl of the new millennium with your black and denim blue ombre. Alternately, you can choose to stand out from the crowd with black to pink ombre.


46. Make A Statement With Your Gray Or Silver Ombre.

Light gray hair with pastel blue shades defines your rockstar habits. Make yourself look like that strong woman that you are with metallic ombre when you choose gray or silver shades for your black hair. You can also go for that black, and ash ombre look if you want to exude mystery. Alternately, you can switch to that elegant light hazel look that matches your wild personality with brown to silver ombre look.

47. Define Your Strength With Silver Ombre.

Feminine strength is demonstrated by dark roots ending in ashy blonde strands and a subtle tinge of silver. Brunettes have the choice to take pride in a silver ombre look that gives them the ice princess look. Otherwise, you can flaunt that strong, feminine charm in your baby doll blond to silver ombre look. You may also want to go for black to silver ombre to show your passion.

48. Get That Pink Ombre Signature Look.

When you feel like pink is the color of the day or if you just feel like feminine, then you can go for a black to pink ombre that appears like tongues of flame. You can also go for the royal combination of red and pink ombre that can make any woman feel she is a powerful queen. If you still don’t like this, then you can go for electrifying pink to purple ombre and get your rock gear ready.

49. Pink Ombre Defines Your Feminine Personality.


If you got long sleek blonde hair, then you could look as cute and cool as cotton candy with pink flamingo shade. This pink blonde ombre is as sweet and subtle as pink and brown ombre for someone with a pixie or bob cut. However, if you want to appear like a spring flower in perpetual bloom, then go for blond and fuchsia or magenta ombre. While if you want to look like you’re in fantasy land, then go for brown to pink ombre.

50. Blonde Ombre Is An Intelligent Choice.

You can show your smartness with incredibly smart and sexy hairstyles like the strawberry blonde ombre, where your auburn roots are emphasized by blonde ends. If you are a natural blonde, you can also go for reverse blonde ombre. This is adding brown ends to your blonde roots. Ash blonde can also end with radiant platinum for that beautiful royal princess look.

51. Know How to Undo Your Ombre.

If for some reason you are sick and tired of your ombre hair, then you can either go to your hairstylist or you can use DIY techniques again. You can mix it up with the dark shade and the lighter shade at the ratio of 4:1 and then apply it to the whole hair evenly. You should then apply a darker color to your roots or lighter color to the middle down to the ends. Wash your hair and style it.

52. Never Make These Four Mistakes With Your Hairstylist.

One mistake that you can make before you go ombre is that you do not bring a picture of the hairstyle that you want. Another is that you do not tell the stylist about your hair history or allergies. A third mistake is not bringing a picture of that hairstyle that you hate. Lastly, you may make the mistake of not telling your hairstylist about your lifestyle; since he/she knows about hair more than you do so, you should trust him.

53. Ombre Hair Is A Common Choice of Celebrities.

Sarah Jessica Parker has brown to blonde ombre. Kate Beckinsale enjoys brown to light blonde hues. Kim Kardashian has black roots and brown highlights. The list is endless, so why don’t you look like one of them or maybe even make your own statement?

Do not get overwhelmed by the amount of information in this article. The true excitement of going ombre is in actually getting one yourself. Thus, with this article as your guide, plan out what kind of ombre hair you want. This should depend on how you want to define yourself and how you want the world to see you. There is nothing better than knowing what hair is all about and what to expect when you get one yourself.


By this time, I am sure you already have an idea of what your hair should look like in the next few days. So, will you be the ice diva with a three-color crown of hair or the cool and hip girl with denim blue hair? Whatever that is, make sure your hair defines you.