Capless or Wefted Caps for Women’s Wigs

Read the title of the article above. Did you notice any unfamiliar words? Well, let’s define wefted first. It means that wefts of hair are sewn onto the woven material of the cap. Manufacturers also call it as capless because in comparison to wigs with cap, it has an open construction woven material.

So what is weft again? It is a long string of hairs doubled over and sewn in closely together in long strands that can be machine sewn, hand sewn or hand tied to the cap. This kind of wig is expected to be cool, ultra light and long lasting. This is for everyone that can be attached using tape, medical adhesive and clips. You have an option whether to buy expensive or inexpensive piece that is dependent on the wig’s quality. Expect a maximum of 6 months for cheap ones while good quality ones can be used until 4 years. Just purchase the one that you are comfortable with. Okay?

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