Charity: Donate Hair for Women’s Wigs

If you spent lots of time taking good care of your luscious look then you know how valuable your long hair to your overall appearance. But sometimes we get tired of our look and decide to change a hairstyle or have a haircut. Grab this opportunity to help a charity by donating your hair.

These hairs can be made as a wig for cancer patients going through chemotherapy or those with hair growth problems. Some of these charities can utilize natural hairs to make a good quality wig. Have a haircut with an affiliated salon and read their guidelines and requirements. Check if your hair is at least eight inches long or some may require it to be 12 inches. If your hair is fit and the color and texture is appropriate without any harmful materials, wash and dry it before having it cut. You can braid or put in on a ponytail then place it on a sealed plastic bag then in a padded envelope. Check the shipping details and donate it to your chosen charity. Do you think that this is a good idea?

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