Costume Wig: Elvis Presley

Who is the ever famous King of Rock and Roll or simply the King? Well, it is not a tough question after all. He is widely known as Elvis Aaron Presley. So let’s run some facts about him.


Elvis is one of the most popular singers of the 20th century and the leading figure of the popular sound of rock and roll in 1920’s with a chart-topping record hits. Presley who began his career in Memphis, Tennessee with his family has uninhibited performance style that made him enormously popular and controversial. Now let’s talk about his hairstyle. It is very unique, huh?

His trademark look made him super energetic and hot as he brings the sound of African American music to a wider audience. If you plan to have the Elvis-inspired costume wig, you need not much effort.

Every online website almost has a handy mullet-like wig that you just need to match with bell-bottomed pants that may have studs as well as the long sleeved top with high collar. You can also bring a guitar or a microphone for your props and learn some of his rock hits.

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