Costume Wigs: Sunburst

Now, I want to share to you a great find for a costume wig. It is not much really but I think that this one is kind of unique. The sunburst wig shows a mixture of color to highlight your looks. Though it is somewhat used as a design pattern for architectural ornaments as well as a figure for window glasses.

This decorative motif is common on churches. Have you heard of Art Deco and Art Nouveau? Well, that will give you an idea of it. It is not limited as an emblem or decoration of honor for the military because it can now be radiating on your head. So to describe a sunburst means from a central disk, sunbeams are coming out in circular, semi-circular or semi-elliptical shape. The color is beautiful just like the rays of the sun. It is framing your face just like it is presenting it on the people looking at it. What do you think of this costume wig idea?

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