Curling Iron and Women’s Wigs

I know that you are tempted to use a blow dryer to your new-found investment. You want to look best but read first before you do so. If you have a human hair wig then it is okay to use the blow dryer and even the hot curling iron once in a while.

You can set the wig on the rollers then the use the dryer to set the curls. However, if you have a synthetic hair wig never use a blow dryer. It would definitely melt or frizz the plastic in your Kanekalon fibers. If you still want to set some curls then just use a lukewarm curling iron. This is quite difficult so here’s your better option. Put the wig on the wig stand and wet with lukewarm water.

Set some perm papers and wire mesh rollers on the wig. Spray with hot tap water on each set curl for 5 seconds to relax the curls followed with icy cold water to freeze it. Air dry overnight then remove the rollers and you are ready to go.

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