Half Wigs for Black Women

There are many kinds of wigs that you can find out there in the market today and one of them would be the half wigs for black women. Half wigs are meant for those who still want to have a touch of their own hairstyle with the wig worn.

This wig does not necessarily cover your entire head and conceal your original hair unlike the full wigs. When you use the half wig, what usually happens is that you leave some of your natural hair on the sides or maybe wear your hair back down.

You can even try to get a braid wig that is a half wig too if you just want to make your hair appear like it has dreadlocks at some parts. You can also choose to make a combination of a full wig and a half wig. It all depends on the style that you want to project.

Photo via motowntresswigs.net