Halloween Wigs: Beetlejuice

The sound of its name is already fascinating, right? Just think of it and it will make you wonder what Beetlejuice is all about. Okay, we will take a tour to learn more about it.

Beetlejuice is an American comedy horror fantasy story of a dead young couple who became ghost, and they scare new living inhabitants away from their home to keep it safe from them. If you want someone to scream their lungs out while having some fun then try to wear a wig inspired by this character. This cool wig will look good on costume party as well as for the Halloween party,

The wig’s scary and funny look, will transform you from normal being to a creature you will never dream about. Aside from the wig, you should make yourself looks like a ghost by having body and face paints. You can also equip yourself with the proper clothes like black and white striped long sleeves and a black necktie as well as good laughs. What do you think of this idea?

pic via costumekingdom.com