Halloween Wigs: Morticia Addams

Who is going to forget the cool mother of Wednesday and Pugsly as well as the sweet wife of Gomez Addams which is named as Morticia Addams? The fictitious Addams family was first published in The New Yorker magazine in 1930’s as it was created by cartoonist Charles Addams.

Now, let’s have a brief recall of what the name Morticia really means. According to literature, the word Morticia came from mors mortis which is the Latin word for death. Others may say that it can also originate from mortician that means the one who supervise or manage funerals. Whatever it is, the character of Morticia justifies both for being a true horrifying personality that is just appropriate for the Halloween party.

If you want to dress like her, you can have a vampire-inspired costume with pale skin and long black hair wig. To complete the look, wear black gothic dresses to match the hair. You can opt for firmly form and fitting ones with a hobble skirt. Bring also some rose stems because Morticia always enjoy cutting the buds off of roses which she discards and keep only the remaining part.

pic via dees-fancydress.co.uk