Halloween Wigs: Vampire

What else is more appropriate for a Halloween party but the vampire? This mythological creature makes the night more dreadful than usual by splashing blood all over the place even as a fake or just for the said event.


This folkloric being is believed to exist by feeding on human blood that even started way back to prehistoric times. Different cultures have different beliefs even about this entity as it was popularized by superstition in Europe leading to mass hysteria. Let’s hope that you gain the same appreciation as you dress up like one. Who else could be blamed for stacked corpses during that time but vampires?

But come to think of it, you can also be a charismatic and sophisticated one as seen on Varney the Vampire and eventually Dracula. Be a real charm and attract your prey with your good looks. This dominant figure in the horror genre can be a real nightmare fantasy as you dress yourself up with a cool wig, bloody fangs, Victorian age clothes and right make-up.

pic via buycostumes.com