Halloween Wigs: Witch

Another good idea for a Halloween wig belongs to a mythological creature called witch. What is the first thing that crossed your mind when you heard the word witch?

I would not be surprised if big black hats, big nose, wooden brooms and untidy hairs are some impressions. Well, that is why witches are such a good idea for the Halloween party. It would surely cause goose bumps if you portrayed it very well. Let’s have a quick review of witches. They are believed to have supernatural or magical powers as they practice witchcraft.

The said power typically causes harm or damage but others say it can either be good or bad. Personally, I think that it is just a cultural ideology to have someone to blame when misfortunes happen. The word witch can also be used hand in hand with sorceress and wizard. If you want to use this for the party, have a good wig with you to convince everybody as well as good props to go with it.

pic via extremewigs.com