The Best Wigs from VogueWigs

There are a million wig sites out there all with different qualities.  And there are a lot of wig manufacturers too and not all of the best ones sell their products directly on their sites.  That’s why I want to talk about one of the best wig retailers out there on the internet as well as my personal favorite website VogueWigs.

Their stuff is all pretty amazing and it’s really easy to get completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice that you have.  Voguewigs has everything from the best in synthetics to human hair, True2Life and lacefronts.  But they specialize in human hair which is the best thing a wig can be made of.  The best part is that their human hair wigs are pretty much guaranteed to be made of real human and not a fake. The best of the best all have their wigs on Voguewigs and they go through practically every single genre of wigs from costume, hair extensions, and African American.  That means to say that folks you have options.  So let me tell you what at least in my humble opinion are The Best Wigs from VogueWigs and let me warn you that with my personal taste their all going to be long ones.

Remember not every wig that looks great has to break the bank and that’s why I love Voguewigs because quality has nothing to do with price on this site. A synthetic piece that comes in at less than $50 I love this wig. I love the color, the cut, the style. I think it’s gorgeous, and it comes in darker colors which really works for me. Raquel Welch has become a real force in the world of wigs and it’s easy to see why. Another longish piece the Enigma wig is really lovely. Now don’t kill me for this last choice.

Now I normally go for the more realistic length then the cartoony, anime style hair but let’s really talk about this. This piece is beautiful, and lush, and long and I love it so much. It’s not for everyday but if you’re going out why not talk a walk on the wild side. This my top three though so you might disagree with the list. Feel free to and try to find you’re own favorites.