Utilize Microwave for Hair Wigs

Sometimes when you encounter tangles on your hair wig, you want a quick and handy solution. Then keeping reading on for I can give you basic information on how to utilize home appliances on such problems.

First, try to use clarifying shampoo at least once a month to keep it well-conditioned. Whenever you wash your unit on flowing cool water and with the unit off, run the strands through your fingers as you shampoo it. When you pressed it a towel to let the water out, prepare the leave on conditioner to brush it with a wide-tooth comb until dry. However, microwave can be used if additional conditioning is needed.

What other materials should you need? Prepare deep conditioner, ziplock bag, biosilk oil and the wig comb. After getting the wig off the foam head, spread the conditioner onto the unit then put it into the bag. Heat in the microwave oven for just 30 seconds and remove it. Place it again into the oven then heat for 15 seconds more. Take out the wig, put the oil and comb gently. Let it dry.

pic via gadgetophilia.com