Wig for Kids: Ariel

I know that every little almost seen the Disney movie and series Little Mermaid and captivated by the red locks of Ariel. Who is Ariel? She is a fictional character of the said animated film and act as a mermaid princess.


The distinctive feature of this girl is the long and flowing red hair that you can imitate buy buying a good quality hair wig for your costume party. You will want to swim around the crowd gathering lots of attention with your beautiful voice. What else does it need to have to great looking costume?

Aside from the perfect fitting wig, you can copy her blue eyes by buying contact lenses, her green tail by other purchasing it online or doing it yourself tactic and the purple seashell bikini top that you can get customized from your favorite sewer. You if you are planning to have this kind of inspiration, either for yourself or for your kid, better prepare yourself first by watching the movie again.

pic via costumekingdom.com