Wigs for Kids: Pocahontas

Let’s have a brief background of this Indian princess. Pocahontas was the chief leader named Wahunsunacock’s daughter of the Powhatan Indian Chiefdom. Though she did not inherit her father’s power under any circumstances, she was generally regarded as a princess in England.

Yes, she is a real person and not just a product of fancy imagination. Though romanticized representations surfaced later on, Pocahontas will always be a princess that is why she can be a good model for a costume or even for a wig. With her typical Virginia Indian features, Pocahontas shows a potential of Native American that has given birth to new world especially to Christianity.

Because children were exposed to the version of her story about her love life with John Smith, girls can blame Disney’s 1995 animated feature for the long braided locks of Pocahontas, typical brown two-piece Indian clothes with feathers accents on the hair and lots of accessories.

pic via costumekingdom.com