Wigs for Kids: Princess Leia

I am not talking about the famous Miss Saigon but the one of the main protagonists of the original Star Wars trilogy. The Crown Princess of Alderaan is a fictional character in the movie as named Leia Amidala Skywalker or Princess Leia Organa Solo.

The twist of the story is that she has a twin sister and the daughter of Darth Vader. Her lover and husband Han Solo, never failed to show the romantic side of her even if she is somewhat abrasive in person. If you want to be like the real Princess Leia, make sure that you are a driven, dedicated individual with a forceful personality. Not only that, this professional has strong compassion as well as quirky sense of humor.

This beautiful woman which is petite and fair-skinned is loved by many. This warrior has a unique hairstyle that you can easily distinguish upon first look. It is like you are wearing big earphones with a blaster rifle as a weapon. Make sure that you match the wig with great looking dress to convince everyone.

pic via costumekingdom.com