Women’s Wigs: Hair Color Samples

Have you tried choosing wigs through the internet? Though online shopping is very convenient, it has the disadvantage of not able to try it on personally and see the real quality. Well, I have seen wig sites that tried to patch this problem by mailing in hair color samples.

In search for a perfect wig to match your hair, it is not surprising to be demanding for information that can only be filled by sellers. They often offer telephone conference, making color charts available and mailing in hair samples. The last one is quite unnecessary if they already provided various shades of color like airbrushed chart for a natural look.

However, if you think that sending in samples will work best for you then tell that beforehand. Maybe you don’t have an obvious color or no experience at all then you can scan a sample of your hair and e-mail it to the prospect seller. You can also include colored pictures of yourself probably a head shot and a body shot for better wig style selection.

pic via perfectlocks.com