Women Costume Wig: Ugly Betty

If you want to put some smiles on the face of the party’s guests then choose Ugly Betty as a costume idea. If you have not seen the American comedy-drama television series created by Silvio Horta then it is your loss.

You lost the chance to laugh out loud with the Colombian-inspired telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea. Betty’s world revolved on her job at a trendy high fashion magazine based in Manhattan where Betty met lots of people including Mode’s Editor-in-Chief Daniel. Well, just like any story this one has a twist that came when Betty transformed into a beautiful swan.

But that is not important here, because what we need to look at is Betty’s ugly looks. Her lackluster physical appearance and awkward nature will be your costume for the party. You just need the right wig, the hideous braces, the eyeglasses and the old-fashioned clothes. What do you think?

pic via costumekingdom.com