Women Costume Wigs: Geisha

Have you seen the movie entitled Memoirs of Geisha? The main character with the white face and set hair is the geisha. If you still don’t have an idea of what it is, a geisha is a traditional female Japanese entertainer that has skills on Japanese arts like classical music and dance.

This is a good costume wig because of its elaborative look as well as the personality incorporated with it. This performing artist is also called as geiko while those that wants to be one or apprentices is called maiko.

Today, geisha is considered to have a modest, strong and resilient nature. If you want to try this one, have a white make-up prepared as well as sophisticated kimono to match up the geisha-looking wig. Most likely, the age of geisha starts at 18 years old and so everyone can be inspired by its wig. This up hairstyle was established with the traditional shimada in four types which are high, more flattened, with cotton crepe and divided peach. If you found the perfect wig and looked plain to you, you can design it with hair combs or hair pins.

pic via extremewigs.com