Yaki and Silky of Women’s Wigs

Sometimes I am having trouble with definitions. I would be very grateful if I am equipped with a dictionary all the time but I know that it is not possible.

If you have been browsing internet sites regarding wig care and plan to purchase a wig unit, you may have encountered the words yaki and silky. These two words surprised me and even pushed me to install online dictionary. However, yaki can’t be found on the WordWeb and thus it may be part of the wig world’s jargon.

Silky is defined as having a smooth, gleaming surface reflecting light which is quite true as a natural texture of straight hair that can be found on Indian Hair as well as on wigs from the said donor.

I never stopped looking for the yaki until I stumbled upon a wig website that defined it as a result texture from a process of adding micro kink to the hair strands. That why you can see Africa-American people relaxed hair texture on wigs which is not recommended for Caucasians.

pic via everythingwigs.com