Your Face Shape and Women’s Wigs

I already discussed some part of this topic until I found out that some are lacking. Now let me complete what it is by providing you additional information about face shapes and its relevance to your choice of women’s wigs.

There are seven known face shapes but I discussed only four. If you don’t want to browse again the site for it then I will still briefly discuss them to find your ideal hairpiece. First would be the proportional oval face shape that has many choices because it is good with any hairstyle, length and texture. Avoid width with the round shaped face because it will make the neck appear shorter. You need to break the roundness with linear style using height.

Height can be attained with long, wispy side areas and combing the hair wig close to the head on the side and at the neck. For square ones, it is just the opposite of round faces that needs curly texture, height waves on top and narrowness at the sides. Style the hair wig off the forehead to add height to the face.

Reduce width at the sides with the diamond shaped face and use fringe to cover narrow forehead. Add volume at the chin with the heart-shaped one and disguise forehead width with some hairs. For pear-shaped ones, add volume above the jaw line while add softness to the oblong shaped face to make it an oval.

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