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Here you will be able to view all of the synthetic wigs we have ever reviewed on our website Along with those reviews about individual synthetic wigs, you will find facts and details as to why many people prefer to have fake hair wigs and with others avoid them at all costs. With what you find here, you will be able to make that decision for yourself since all the facts will be laid out on the table in an unbiased way.

First of all, realize that everything you may or may not have heard about artificial hair wigs is entirely true. One thing that many people have been told over the years is that every synthetic wig is not worth the time or money to invest in it, and while for many years that was true… it is not a rule of thumb in every case. The reason is due to the fact that not every fake wig has been made with same quality or lack of it. While there are artificial hair wigs that you can buy for as cheap as less than $40, there are others that cost $100s. Therefore you cannot assume that every wig of this type of material should be viewed and rated the same since they are all different.

A few things that can apply to almost every synthetic wig no matter how much it costs is first of all the fact that in almost every case these are cheaper than ones that use human hair. This is logically because anything that is artificial can almost always be made in bulk, and thus are much cheaper to produce. When comparing that to an organic product like real human hair, it is understandable that synthetic would always be cheaper. Another thing that usually applies to all synthetic wigs is that they are easier to take care of and maintain. Since the materials of monofilament and versafiber are usually used, these products typically keep their shape, curl, volume, and even texture since companies are now using a technology that makes the fibers actually remember they shape each strand should have.

While the things mention above are all pro’s for this product, there are some things you should consider that many feel are cons. The first being the fact that in almost every case, you cannot change the color of the wig from its original color. The region being is that the materials currently used for synthetic wigs do not absorb and allow hair dye to actually change the color of a wig. The other thing that one should keep in mind when buying this type of wig is the fact that its really difficult, and in some cases impossible, to change the style of the wig. Thus you cannot add a curl, or give body to it since curling irons, flat irons, and hair dryer usually damage the wig instead of allowing you to style it.

With the above mentioned details, we hope that it will help you in your quest for deciding whether or not you should buy a synthetic wig. If we missed something, please let us know via our contact us page.

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