Costume Wig: Multi-color Clown Wig

Hey, do you want to try to wear this kind of wig? A clown wig is the best head piece for your party or especially to your loved ones. This feature wig requires very talented skills and discipline because its purpose is to entertain people, particularly young children. Now, let’s have a short history about clowns.

Did you know that there are three basic types of clowns? The first one is whiteface clown which is the oldest and most famous clown in the world. The second one is the auguste which is the slightest clever and the wackiest as well as the clownish of the clowns. Finally, the last one is the most commonly represented as sad tramp or happy hobo. The clown costumes have different styles and makeover, but the usual look of a clown has a colored wig, stylistic makeup, white face, strange ruffled collared suit and unusual large shoes with big or small red nose. If you like this idea, act in hilarious fashion that can either be loved or scary by other people.

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